He works with chief executives and senior managers and their teams as consultant, coach, and counselor, often on a longer-term basis. He consults in strategy, business and organization effectiveness, management and management development, performance management, leadership, the design and management of change, and challenging and redesigning corporate culture.  He has been involved in Executive Leadership Programs with  BP, Merck, Medco Health Solutions, and the Bank of America.Type your paragraph here.

His other books, dealing with business and management, include Change Agent Skills in Helping and Human Service Settings; Change Agent Skills A: Designing and Assessing Excellence; Change Agent Skills B:  Managing Innovation and Change; Adding Value: A Systematic Guide to Business-Based Management and Leadership, and Working the Shadow Side: A Guide to Positive Behind-the-Scenes Management. Through these writings, complemented by extensive consulting, he has created a four-model comprehensive management and consulting system. Model A focuses on strategy, operations, structure, human resource management, the managerial role itself, and results-focused leadership. Model B provides a framework for managing innovation and change. Model C deals with the kind of communication and relationship building skills managers and change agents need . Model D, based on Working the Shadow Side,  provides a framework for managing such shadow-side complexities as organizational messiness, personalities, social systems, politics, and culture. It also focuses on the messiness and politics of change. He has consulted, lectured  and given workshops on these topics in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.

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Gerard Egan, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Organization Development and Psychology in the business school of Loyola University of Chicago, has written over fifteen books. His books in the field of counseling and communication include The Skilled Helper, Interpersonal Living, People in Systems (with Michael Cowan), TalkWorks: How to Get More Out of Life Through Better Conversations (with Andrew Bailey), and TalkWorks at Work: How to Become a Better Communicator and Make the Most of Your Career (with Andrew Bailey). The Skilled Helper, now in its 10th edition, has been translated into both European and Asian languages. It is currently the most widely used counseling text in the world.

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